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The Collaborative Learning System

It’s not a Learning Management System (LMS), it is not a Student Information System (SIS)!

Finally, a platform for schools that focuses on the most fundamental elements of student learning – 
feedback and growth over time.

Learning Conversations

Capture the back and forth conversations between students, teacher(s) and peers about their learning. The learning conversations structure focuses on the qualitative evidence from the students own work and mirrors what happens every day in classrooms around the world.

Build Student Agency

gotLearning helps with the continuous cycle of growing and learning by your students. Share criteria for success, communicate self, peer and teacher feedback along with reflections as the student progresses in their learning journey.

All Learning Evidence in One Place

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Content, Process and Technology Neutral

Teachers and students use the content they want. They also get to choose how they communicate – messages, video, audio etc. gotLearning enables teachers and students to use the EdTech tools they already know and love – all from one place.

Laser Focused on the Student Learning Journey

gotLearning is designed around the student. All learning conversations can be revisited and reviewed not only throughout the school year, but also previous years.