Explore gotLearning by School Role

A teaching and learning platform built how a school pedagogically operates.

Students, teachers, educational specialists (Special Educators, Instructional Coaches, Counselors etc.) and school administrators roles mirror what they actually do in school.

Explore gotLearning by School Role

gotLearning provides one place for students to share their learning evidence and receive feedback from teachers and other students. Students can use their favorite digital tools or notebooks, papers or projects which can be scanned via the gotLearning  mobile app.

gotLearning helps teachers focus on student learning. No longer do teachers have to search notebooks, online folders, video web apps or email to continue their learning conversations. Finally this learning data is all in one place.

The educational specialist role is for special educators, instructional and technology coaches, as well as counselors. No longer do these educators have to create work arounds to participate in all of the classes the students they are supporting are enrolled. gotLearning is built around supporting individual students and allowing educational specialists to have their own classrooms, be part of the classrooms of students they support and follow students that they may not have in either.

gotLearning allows for school administrators to not just see graphs of student’s test scores, but be able to see the overall picture of the student’s learning journey.

The family view is now available for versions of gotLearning.