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Starting with gotLearning

Here is a list of how to do certain tasks when you start using gotLearning.

You can also add students individually, use a class code or upload a CSV file.
The gotLearning mobile app enables students and teachers to scan in hand-written work and record audio and video right into learning conversations.
The gotLearning enables students and teachers to put all of their learning evidence in one place.

Students, Teachers, Special Educators, Instructional Coaches, Counselors and School Administrators have their own roles in gotLearning.

Explore the each of the user roles in gotLearning. This links to another page on the website.

gotLearning was built for capturing learning as it happens. This ongoing process is used by teachers and students to improve student understanding and make strategic changes during learning.
gotLearning is built around contemporary pedagogy and it was designed by a teacher. Saving time and being more efficient is incredibly important to the classroom teacher. One step for each student could take eight clicks through four or five screens. gotLearning is designed around the concept of “Getting to One Click”.
We know teachers have a finite amount of time every day. We created gotLearning to allow more engaging and effective collaborations, helping teachers and students capture and communicate about their learning as it is happening. Knowing that feedback is at the heart of learning, we are ensuring our technology tools support a teacher’s ability to provide timely, effective and personalized feedback. We are proud to introduce  gotFeedback, the first classroom teacher’s feedback tool built on OpenAI’s Large Language Model API.

Learn more about gotFeedback.
There are multiple ways to link to gotLearning from Canvas.

1. You can easily link directly to assignments by copying the assignment link directly from the assignment. However, if you want to add a link to your menu bar that links the student to your class in gotLearning see the #2 Adding gotLearning to the Menu Bar in Canvas. 2. Adding gotLearning to the Menu Bar in Canvas
Be sure to choose the link you want the students to first see. If they are in one of your classes, copy that class link.
Choose which class you want to link to by going to that class in gotLearning and copying the link in the URL bar. See the screenshot below: