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Capture Learning as it Happens

A new type of classroom platform to help schools, teachers and students to:

  • Provide Ongoing Feedback
  • Use Formative Assessment Data
  • Personalize Learning
  • Show Growth Over Time
  • Enable Competency-Based Education
  • Implement Standards-Based Grading
  • Support the Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Ηow gotLearning Works

Take a quick tour of gotLearning with our founder Mike Rutherford

The back and forth interactions between students and teachers are full of qualitative data that tells the story of learning for the students.

These learning conversations are where teachers and students provide feedback. Teachers and students now have one place to communicate about and document student learning.

Use your favorite EdTech tools, your favorite content
and design how the conversation occurs for each and
every student.

Use the technology and content you want, to provide feedback the way you want.

Finally! All of your student's qualitative learning data in one place!

Download The Mobile App

Meet Your Student’s Where They Are… Pedagogically and Technically!

Students and teachers can send and receive feedback, post video reflections, scan non-digital learning evidence directly into your learning conversations.

View a demo of the gotLearning mobile app!

The mobile app is available in the following mobile stores: